Elect George Cushingberry Jr. to City Council District #2
I am George Cushingberry Jr.  Proud to be a Detroit City Councilman representing you in District #2

Detroit City Council President Pro Tempore 2014-2018

Jones and Cush will lead the Push for a Greater Detroit

I want to thank my fellow Councilmembers for Selecting Brenda Jones and Myself to represent the leadership of our new City Council. Together all 9 of us will work to protect our City Workers, Citizens and, re-energize the City of Detroit.


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District Map Map courtesy of Sketch 2 Press (Union Printer)


My Position / Platform

  • Green Jobs and Manufacturing Opportunities for Detroit Citizens
    • Urban Gardening support for City Residents
    • Growing Industrial Hemp use to create services and products made by Detroit Residents
      • Building homes using concrete made from the male cannabis plant
      • Filling the homes with City Employees who will have a vested interest in the general upkeep of the neighborhood.
  • Financial Stability in City Government
    • Non partisan accounting practices
  • Property Tax Reform
    • Loyalty Credits for long term property owners and residents of the City
  • Community Preservation and Neighborhood Restoration
  • Infrastructure Growth and Development hiring Detroit Residents
  • Senior Citizen Safety and Respect
  • Crime Reduction by redirecting money away from incarceration to education, employment, and health care
    • Fix the Public Schools instead of building privatized for profit jails.
    • Increased Identification of habitual offenders
      • Neighborhood watch and remote monitoring of areas and property
      • Treatment instead of jail
      • Education on guns to stop the violence and misuse of weapons, including stray bullets, and property damage.
  • Balancing Detroit's budget
    • Providing a real time display of the City's balance on a website for public viewing, similar to the NYSE, AMEX, Debt Clock. (Accountability)
    • City workers living within the City Limits would get a property tax credit for being an employee.
    • Long term residents would get a loyalty tax credit for every year of being up to %30.
    • Creating  products in a agriculture partnership with Michigan State University's Extension program to generate revenue and jobs
  • Cleaning up Detroit            
    • Maintaining Streets, Sidewalks, lights, and infrastructure
    • Re Opening Closed Recreation Centers for Community Use 
    • Blight Removal of abandoned or unsafe homes in neighborhoods
  • Consistent City Services to residents
    • Working lights and timely garbage pickup
  • Making the effort to get the maximum benefit from Federal and State Grants for community improvement.
    • Development of a City Wide Light Rail System
      • M1-Woodward, M3-Gratiot and, M5-Grand River
      • M8-Davison
      • Metro and Coleman Young International Airport Rail Line from Downtown to both airports.                                   
  • Expansion of Coleman Young / Tuskegee Airman International Airport for commercial use (Delta, Air Canada, Southwest)
    • Constructing a new longer runway and upgraded terminal complex
      • Red Tail Lounge
      • Regional Air Service
    • Educational Vocational training for Detroit Public School District Residents in Aviation careers                                                 

Statistical Data on District #2 from Data Driven Detroit

The Community to Elect George Cushingberry to Detroit City Council  District #2   19975 Stoepel St 48221
Ben Drummer Treasurer (313) 333-3444   info@cushforcouncil.com

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